You Donate. We Match. All for Iowa kids.

Along with our Tournament Charity Partners, registered Birdies For Charity organizations benefit from funds raised through the Principal Charity Classic. Birdies For Charity provides Iowa non-profit organizations with programming for children – as well as K-12 schools – with a unique and risk-free opportunity to raise additional funds year-round.

Register your charity
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When you donate through the Birdies For Charity program, the participating charity of your choice will receive every penny you pledge PLUS up to a ten percent match. The match is made possible due to our generous program sponsor Sammons Financial Group.

How it works

 You donate $100

  We match 10% (up to 10%)

Organization of your choice receives $110

Birdies For Charity Spotlight: Cradling New Life

Cradling New Life helps families who have infants in Iowa hospitals’ Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) and those addressing antepartum issues.  Assistance is provided financially and by raising awareness.  Babies are admitted to NICUs due to premature birth, complications arising during delivery, or signs of ill health which occur within the first few days of life. Cradling New Life’s ongoing project, “A House To Come Home To” helps to cover mortgage of parents who miss work because of their primary job, being at the hospital to spend time with their struggling new born. Mortgage payments are typically the largest of the monthly bills and when a baby is ready to leave the NICU, it is important that they have a comfortable and stress-free home to come to. With the matching fund that Birdies For Charity provides, Cradling New Life is able to help an additional 10 families make their monthly payments while supporting their new baby.

Thank you to our program sponsor.