By Rick Brown, PCC Senior Reporter

The former Iowa State star and head basketball coach is now at Nebraska. He played with John Daly and diehard Husker fan Larry the Cable Guy at the Prairie Meadows Pro-Am Wednesday at Wakonda. Afterwards, he visited with Principal Charity Classic senior reporter Rick Brown.

RB:It’s been awhile since you’re played in the pro-am here, isn’t it?

FH:This is the fourth time I’ve played. The last time I was played I was with Mark O’Meara (2013) and I left after the 14thhole. I had to leave to get back for an official visit by DeAndre Kane. That turned out to be a pretty good day for the Cyclones.

RB:After the Chicago Bulls let for you (December of 2018), didn’t you get to spend some time with your family?

FH:I got to spent a lot of time with Jack (his son who plays at Michigan State) after I was let go. I spent a lot of time with Coach (Tom) Izzo, sitting around and talking basketball for two or three hours in the mornings.  The family time was awesome. I was able to see the twins (Charlie and Sam) play all their games. I got to get down to Kansas to see my daughter (Paige). She just graduated last week, which is scary to me. I’m proud of her, and looking forward to the next phase of her life.

RB:Did you have the itch to coach again when Nebraska wanted to talk to you about the job?

FH:It got to the point where I was ready to get back to work. Carol (his wife) was ready for me to get back to work, more importantly. I found a great situation in Nebraska. It’s great for our family, with all the history at the university and the state. My grandfather being the head coach for nine seasons, and my other grandfather being a professor there for 30 years. Both my parents graduated from Nebraska. My dad got his PHD there, then we moved to Ames when I was 2. Life kind of came full circle to get back there.

RB:Are you building the Nebraska program using the blueprint that worked for you at Iowa State?

FH:We’ve got our scholarships filled now. We signed 11 guys from the time we took over at Nebraska. I think we’ve got 2.1 points coming back from last year’s group. It’s a rebuild. But I’m excited about the guys we’ve got. We’re doing it similar to how we did it at Iowa State with five transfers. Three will sit out, and two will have an opportunity to play right away as graduate transfers. We’ve got some high school kids. We’ve got a player from France I’m excited about. It’s been a complete whirlwind the last seven or eight weeks.

RB:Did you enjoy today’s return to Iowa and the Principal Charity Classic?

FH:It was a fun day. A lot of money is being raised for kids’ charities. That’s what it’s all about.