Principal Charity Classic tee times & pairings

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2018 Principal Charity Classic Pro-Am results

Thursday, June 7 – UnitedHealthcare Pro-Am

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First Place: -24, Woody Austin, Steve Larson, Tim King, Tom Baldwin, Jay Doll
Second Place: -23, Olin Browne, Gary Palmer, Julie Stewart, Dennis Albaugh, Tom Flynn
Third Place: -22, Todd Hamilton, Brad Winterbottom, Kevin Grimm, Tom Child, Harlee Olafson 

Wednesday, June 6 – Prairie Meadows Pro-Am

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Due to inclement weather, the Pro-Am ended prior to afternoon groups finishing. Therefore, winners were determined as follows:

Morning wave, 18-hole scores

First place: -21, Mike Goodes, Tony Duggan, Aaron Siekmann, Brian Kilby, Alan Beymer
Second place: -20, Brian Henninger, Jared Lapham, Joseph Danatzko, Joe Crea, Matthew Kolenich
Third place: -19*, Scott Parel, Chris Persak, Michael Duckett, Brooke Harrison, Douglas Leeson

Afternoon wave, front 9-hole scores

First place: -11*, Scott Hoch, Daniel Janiszewski, Cullen Reif, Fred Rutler, Sean Grzyb
Second place: -11*, Mike Hulbert, Mark Roberts, Bruce Miller, Dan McCormack, Matt Gary
Third place: -10*, Tom Byrum, Delbert Kinchelow, Ian Weintraub, Bob Bates, Brian Taylor

Afternoon wave, back 9-holes scores

First place: -10*, Jeff Sluman, Mac Braun, Lyndon Thompson, Kyle Phillips, Mike Kloos
Second Place: -10*, John Huston, Jeff Everson, Dan Mannen, Bruce Smith, Michael Guyette
Third Place: -10*, Tommy Tolles, John Cavanaugh, Andy Page, Brad Noel, Bill Porter

* Won on tiebreaker

Tuesday, June 5 – BNY Mellon Pro-Am

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First Place: -25, P.H. Horgan III, Thomas Laven, Doug Johnston, Jason Crawford, Chuck Pountney
Second Place: -24*, Gary Hallberg, Thomas Beschen, Mike Moots, Anthony Mills, Tim Kapsch
Third Place: -24, Jay Don Blake, Chris Andersen, Jeremiah Meyer, James Smith, Trent Ainsworth

* Won on tiebreaker with a 2 vs. 3 on #18