Mission: Helping kids with cancer and their families with financial and emotional support.

Website: https://www.pinkyswear.org/

Cancer is not a one-day thing and it affects the whole family. One in four families with a child battling cancer report losing more than 40 percent of their annual household income as a result of treatment-related work disruption and one in 11 families will file for bankruptcy. Pinky Swear Foundation (PSF) eases these financial and emotional impacts experienced by children with cancer and their families by providing basic needs and support during a very challenging time.

The Principal Charity Classic Birdies for Charity program supports PSF’s Orange Envelope and All-Star Fund programs. The Orange Envelope program mails packages to children shortly after they are diagnosed with cancer. The envelope contains a letter letting them know they are not alone, a guide to other available resources for the family, and a Visa gift card to cover immediate financial needs. Through the All-Star Fund program, PSF provides direct payments to lenders and families to cover mortgage/rent payments, auto payments, utilities, and gas and groceries so families can focus on what’s most important – their child’s health.

Birdies for Charity funding allows PSF to mail Orange Envelopes to 10 Iowa families and distribute All-Star Fund grants to 15 Iowa families who are facing significant financial hardship.

To illustrate the impact of the matching funds, we’d like to share an All-Star Fund recipient’s story:

“In July 2018, my son, James, (pictured above) was diagnosed with Bilateral Wilms Tumor (cancer in both kidneys). James was just 16 months old. Over the course of nine months, James endured 24 rounds of chemotherapy and a major surgery that removed his entire right kidney and portions of his left kidney. Pinky Swear Foundation helped our family during such an incredibly difficult time in our lives. They provided our family with financial assistance when our HVAC system failed just two weeks after James was diagnosed with cancer, paid our mortgage when we were overwhelmed with medical debt, and provided our family with a weekend getaway at the end of James’ treatment so we could reconnect and celebrate together as a family.” – MaryBeth Meyer, Windsor Heights, IA

The matching funds provided by Birdies for Charity will help ease the financial and emotional burden for many more Iowa families just like James’ as they navigate a pediatric cancer diagnosis and treatment.

To learn more about Pinky Swear Foundation, visit https://www.pinkyswear.org/.