Dan Whitney, better known as comedian “Larry the Cable Guy,” played golf and entertained on Wednesday during his appearance at the Principal Charity Classic Prairie Meadows Pro-Am at the Wakonda Club.

Born in Pawnee City, Neb., Whitney is a noted Nebraska football fan. He’s also good at making people laugh. After his round, he put on his comedy face and joked around.

Q: Is comedy the best way to handle a tough day on the golf course?

A: Golf’s real humiliating. So it’s fun to come out and have a good time and laugh. You want to have some good shots. The one thing you’ve got to remember about golf is to not take it too serious. If you don’t make money playing golf, then you should come out and have a good time because you’re never going to get it right. No matter how good you think you are, just come out and have fun. You’ve got to have a sense of humor to play golf.

Q: Do you feel the same way about your comedy career?

A: I’ve been hilarious for many years. Next year will be my 30th year in the comedy business, and my fifth year of being funny. I’m excited about it. It’s a big anniversary for me.

Q: Why is playing in events like this important to you?

A: They’re always fun because all the money goes to kid’s charities, and here, in Des Moines and Iowa. Any time we can use our celebrity – if you want to call me that – and help out it’s always fun. And I love playing golf. You can play golf and help people out. That’s why you do it. A lot of people don’t realize how much money golf makes for veterans and kids. It’s an amazing thing.

Q: Your Nebraska Cornhuskers have lost three of the last four football games to Iowa. Did you consider not coming because of that?

A: Next question…No, we only don’t like Iowa one time a year, and that’s it. I love Iowa. I have a lot of friends in Iowa. Iowa’s just like Nebraska. Just another letter on the helmet. But you’ll never beat us again.

Q: Did you play well today?

A: I was on and off. Callaway gave me a $10,000 check when I got here not to play their clubs. That was awesome. It got pretty bad out there. My caddy was throwing clubs on the 11th hole. I’ve been playing golf for 61/2 years. I’m still learning. But I hit some good shots out there.

Q: Have you ever had a hole-in-one?

A: I’ve had 31, but no one was with me to see them. My first year in the American Century Tournament in Tahoe I had the Golf Channel Shot of the Day. I was on the 17th hole, the water hole, and it literally rolled a foot and a half past. I was nervous, and the greens were really fast. And I three-putted the shot of the day.

By Rick Brown, Principal Charity Classic Senior Reporter